S.Sinai governor dismisses Israeli terrorism ‘rumours’


The South Sinai governor currently dismisses alarms that Israeli tourists in Sinai are being threatened, saying it’s just another case of Israel using scare tactics when tourism starts to boom in Egypt.

South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda refuted on Saturday Israeli claims that there were terrorist threats against the Sinai.

Fouda said that Israel often spreads such rumours whenever Egypt’s tourism industry witnesses revitalization.

According to Fouda, the increase in the occupancy rate in Sharm El-Sheikh hotels to 65 percent is the main trigger behind Israel’s “irresponsible statement.” He added that so far such rumours have failed to impact tourism in South Sinai.

Earlier on Saturday, Israeli authorities warned citizens to leave Egypt’s Sinai peninsula immediately because of a “critical and immediate threat” of a terrorist attack.

The Israeli authorities claim a terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip was planning to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli targets on Sinai’s beaches.

Resorts along the Red Sea in the Sinai are a popular holiday destination for Israelis.




(Source: MENA -Sharm El-Sheikh)

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