Tripartite protocol to convert Sharm el-Sheikh to a green city

Sharm el Sheikh


Ministries of Tourism and Environment and the governor of South Sinai signed on Monday 9/1/2012 a protocol for joint cooperation to develop Sharm el-Sheikh and make it a green city by 2020. The protocol was signed by Dr. Mostafa Hussein Kamel, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nur, Minister of Tourism and Major General Khalid Fouda, Governor of South Sinai.

According to the protocol, two committees will be formed; one of them is a Technical Committee to follow the proceedings of the protocol, prepare management strategies and activities and discus topics related to the protocol while the other is a High Committee aims to adopt the strategies developed by the Technical Committee for the implementation of the protocol.

Strategies to convert Sharm el-Sheikh to a green city include: reducing the proportion of carbon emissions, providing a permanent source of water and good and effective management for liquid and solid waste, maintaining environmental conditions, preserving biodiversity, developing diving sport and using renewable energy.

The High Committee is also considering the proposals received from ministries, agencies and stakeholders to put the initiative into force.

The estimated budget for the project is about LE 1.5 billion where only 3% of the income of tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh will finance the project, 42% from the private sector and 52% from the banks, grants and international aid.

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